"I will never be a memory."


Jeremy Francis / Eighteen (Jul. 7) / Filipino / Catholic / YFL / H-Town / Music / Romans 5:3-5


Got dunked on in the name of the lord

This makes me so happy lol

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"You will see the face of God and live…" #artistmrd #makeyourmark

You know, just jamming out on guitars that I’ll never get to own. #nbd #guitarcenter #brokelife (at Guitar Center North Houston)


Islamists from ISIS burnt out the inside and remove the cross from the Armenian Catholic Church of the Martyrs in Raqqa, replacing the crosses with ISIS flags.

In the last month, ISIS have destroyed most of the Ancient Churches in their territory, focing the Christians of their ancient homelands to leave the area with the choice of “Convert, Leave or Die,”

As of 16:55 GMT today (20/7/14) the last Christian family has left Mosul, after over 100 families who refused to leave were forcibly removed from their homes, many dying in the process.

Over 1400 years ago the Christians in this area feared their deaths with the rise of the “Heresy of the Ishmaelites” and demands of the Dhimmi system, now this has returned in an ever more violent fashion.

Lord Have Mercy

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Withdrawals are too real rn. So blessed to serve with this group of talented people. Just being around them for the past 2 weeks leading up to conference really made me fall in love with service and music ministry all over again. #inspirations #empoweredtowitnessmusicmin #yflconference2014 #blessed (at Marriott at IAH Intercontinental Airport Houston)

BRUH. WE ARE NOT PLAYING TODAY. CHOW DOWN BABY W/ @chubbykylle @tomsaejin @ndel28 @jmedrano11 @camillesalazar @paulosalazar @salazarmanny @jeanroxs @angelicaairae @mjbasilio (at Corkscrew BBQ)

I’m so blessed that I was able to bond with y’all for the past 2 weeks. Without your leadership, conference wouldn’t be as successful as it was. Your presence here has inspired both myself and the Houston area to better ourselves to better serve our area. Thank you for everything you’ve done. #inspirations #AMDG #empoweredtowitness #yflconference2014

Can check that off the bucket list. #AMDG #empoweredtowitness #yflconference2014 #houston

Day 1 of preps has ended, but it’s not too late to register if you haven’t yet! See y’all in 2 weeks. #empoweredtowitness #yflconference2014 #REGISTER


in filipino instead of saying “i love you” we say “putang ina mo gago mukha kang titi” which means “youre worth more than gold” which is really sweet

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